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COVID19 Diagnosis Is Medical Fraud

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An infectious disease cannot be diagnosed by identifying a virus because having the virus does not always lead to disease or even serious disease. An infection without symptoms produces immunity and this is how herd immunity is established in populations. Frank McFarlane Burnet won the Nobel Prize for this science in 1960.

In 2020 a new infectious disease appeared called ‘COVID19’, yet it can only be diagnosed with a test. If you don’t take the test the symptoms are the same as many other “flu-like illnesses” caused by hundreds of different viruses, bacteria, medications, and vaccines.

In fact, since 2020 you don’t need any symptoms at all to be classified as a “case of COVID19 disease”. This means that the government can create the appearance of disease by increasing the testing of asymptomatic people and decrease the disease by stopping the testing of asymptomatic people.

On the 11 August 2022 the CDC removed the requirement to test asymptomatic people. This includes people being admitted to hospitals who do not have respiratory symptoms.

Interestingly, the Australian government (and other governments) stopped monitoring for flu and pneumonia in 2020. They only monitored deaths/cases of COVID19 disease. Therefore, it appeared flu and pneumonia had disappeared in 2020 but the Australian statistics for deaths to COVID19 in 2020 were similar to the annual deaths to flu and pneumonia that occur every year. This was the case in every country in 2020.

Despite the knowledge that there are multiple causes of flu-like illness, governments were only monitoring for one virus in 2020. This was being done with a new PCR test that was developed by the US CDC itself and given emergency use only approval (EUO).

The Australian Health Minister, Greg Hunt, claimed in 2021 that cases of flu had plummeted due to the public health measures for the pandemic – ignoring the fact the government stopped monitoring for flu viruses.

Therefore, all flu-like illness in 2020 became COVID19 disease based on a PCR test that claimed to identify Coronavirus 2019 (SARSCov-2). These tests were not accurately identifying this one virus because they are easily manipulated to get false positives. Government health departments were running these tests in a non-standardised fashion across countries.

The US CDC admitted in 2021 that its PCR test did not allow for the identification of influenza and other viruses known to cause “flu-like illness”. Hence, they replaced this test in December 2021 with the Rapid Antigen Test and all positive results from this new test are called “COVID Disease” – but what is it identifying? Even an accurate identification of the virus would not indicate disease or risk.

This lack of transparency in disease diagnosis and surveillance has occurred because the traditional definition of an infectious disease has been changed. The definition of a case of an infectious disease prior to 2020 was:

“a set of standard criteria for classifying whether a person has a particular disease, syndrome, or other health condition”.

These screening tests are being misused and misinterpreted and this is allowing governments to create the illusion of a pandemic of a disease that is simply a positive test – no symptoms required.

In June 2020 the World Health Organisation admitted that it did not have any evidence to claim that people without symptoms were a serious risk for COVID disease transmission. The only evidence of a ‘pandemic’ in Australia in 2020 was the huge number of cases being identified in asymptomatic (healthy) people.

This was a pandemic of testing – not disease. However, since the roll out of the “vaccine” in 2021 all countries have a significant increase in deaths and hospitalisations allegedly from “COVID disease”. This “COVID” diagnosis is being given to any patient that gets a positive test on admission to hospital – regardless of the symptoms – and governments have made the test mandatory for hospital admission.

This mandatory test is covering up (camouflaging) all the adverse events from the “vaccine” that have resulted in increased hospitalisations and deaths in 2021. In other words, adverse events to the COVID injections – strokes, heart disease and blood clots etc – are being mislabelled. This is possible because the only thing required to diagnose COVID disease is a positive test – not specific disease symptoms.

This lack of transparency in the diagnosis of disease is resulting in the deception of global populations that is leading to increased death and illness worldwide. This is iatrogenic (medical) harm from a drug, that is falsely labelled a ‘vaccine’, and attributed to a virus.

The Therapeutic Goods Administrator (TGA) states a drug is not a vaccine until it has had 10 years of data to establish that the benefits outweigh the risks. So why are doctors and governments promoting this injection as a ‘vaccine’ without this data?

All humans have thousands of viruses and bacteria in us all the time so identifying them when we don’t have symptoms is not an accurate definition of disease . . .


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