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İt’s Over! Nato is going to war! The move to finish Putin has arrived

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NATO has officially announced that it is preparing an operation against Russia! After Putin threatened the whole world, the whole world is talking about it right now. In the war between Russia and Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has now played his last trump card as he is heading Decisively towards defeat.

The invader Putin, who said that he would launch nuclear attacks, officially announced that he had launched exercises to prepare for a nuclear attack. Against Vladimir Putin, who did not stop his invading movements, NATO announced an urgent statement and announced that it had decided to conduct nuclear exercises against Russia! The name of the exercise announced by NATO is “Fixed Noon” .

NATO will begin military exercises on Monday that will also see the use of nuclear bombs in Europe, just after Putin warned that direct clashes with Russia would lead to a ‘global catastrophe’. NATO’s routine October exercise, called ‘Fixed Noon’, will see up to 60 aircraft take part in training flights, it is said.


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